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A Glimpse of His World: This is Jill Münstermann’s Story

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Meet your not-so-typical publisher and Royalty Hero student, Mr. Jill Münstermann. This is the story of someone who defies stereotypes by crafting a path for himself that is both unique and inspiring.

Jill went from serving in the Bundeswehr army as a sergeant candidate to studying economics and later had careers managing healthcare call centers. While wearing many hats, his passion for books and writing never stopped as he continued to write action-packed military fiction novels.

Now, at 33, living in West Germany, and a proud father of 2, Jill has monetized his passions and is now a full-time publisher and entrepreneur by juggling his love for writing, running a successful publishing business, and devoting time to his family.

His biggest inspiration for his writing comes from his favorite author, John Ringo, Münstermann made writing his journey and his shift from hobbyist to an all-out author was more than destined.

His routine for success is by waking before daw, carving out two hours each morning to write before his day job. “I made it a habit and incentive, so I was never bored. I set my tasks out for the next day and will stop working the moment I finished my tasks, that way I had a little incentive for more free time.”

This strict discipline allowed Jill to put out books at remarkable speeds. In 2014 and 2016 alone, he wrote over 30 novels.

Münstermann’s publishing journey didn't kick off until 2018, when he started his own company. He had always been in love with the creative process of writing and the fact that he could tie in his love for military fiction with it, and make a business out of it, was a dream come true.

Years of research brought him to Kindle Direct Publishing in 2020 where he realized the tried and true potential of the publishing world. The vast reach of online platforms, he had control over his presentation and distribution, made him fall in love with it very quickly.

This was no solo venture whatsoever, Münstermann’s wife had an instrumental part to play too. Together, they now had the mission to not just understand the trends, and keywords, or to merely make profits, but instead to deeply dive into their niche and provide quality content, while simultaneously satisfying their customers.

Like any new venture, results were slow, the first two books of his made no more than ten sales a month. However, Jill saw this as merely a stepping stone to success.

Then the turning point, his third book earned him $300-400 a month. This success, Münstermann believes, came from viewing this passion as a career too. “ When it was considered a hobby, I was doing just okay,” Münstermann recalls. “But, the difference when I made it a career was dramatic.”

Next thing he knew, he had now mastered the Amazon algorithm- the more books published, the more success and profit garnered. Ultimately, the goal was to ensure each book was worth the customer’s time and money.

Gradually he now had word-of-mouth marketing naturally coming and a growing community. “Once you generate the buzz and word, then you can easily find success. Even without marketing or ads, you want people to gravitate to you.”

As a result, his books earned him so much that his family was able to finance their own house from that income.

He expanded even further, and now translated his books into multiple languages: Danish, German, and English, and is currently working on more. With this, he now has expansion, hard-earned success, reach, and the natural ability to resonate with readers across the globe that came with his hard work.

Münstermann learned that it’s not just about improving his skills as an author and publisher, but that it is also about improving as an entrepreneur. “From my experience, the customer is always first. Also, don’t go into this with expectations, especially expecting income. Instead, focus on knowing all you can about books. Be self-disciplined, don’t get distracted, and always remember to vacation, don’t forget about your loved ones, and separate work from your personal life,” Münstermann advises.

Yes, this is an industry demanding grit, dedication, determination, and discipline. However, Münstermann believes none of that is possible without passion. “You have to like books. Everyone wants to work and make an income, but they’re not happy half the time and don’t see results or income. It’s because you have to like and love what you’re doing. My 5 reminders for success are: Always think like the customer, like, love, and be happy doing what you’re doing,” he says.

From an avid reader and author to owner of a thriving publishing business, Münstermann’s story embodies the belief that once your work is parallel with your passions, success is natural.


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