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Hi, I’m Sean Dollwet, and I’ll be teaching you everything I’ve learned that took me from zero to achieving freedom by age 26. I did it all with self-publishing on Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

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It took me 5 years. And I want to spare you the pain and needless expense of trial & error that I went through, by teaching you exactly what to do, step by step.

I am very passionate about self-publishing on KDP – the smart way. It’s for business owners, entrepreneurs of all kinds, coaches, consultants, or anyone, with the vision and determination to follow my course to the letter. 


Becoming a best-selling author on Amazon will give you extra credibility, as an expert in your field. How much would that be worth to you?

Did you know that In 2019, the ebook industry earned a whopping $2.04 Billion dollars? And 64-80% of all ebook consumer dollars flowed through Amazon sales channels?


I teach my national and international students all they need to know about ebooks, audiobooks and print books. And how to sell in many countries.


If this resonates with you, I’ll look forward to seeing you in class.


It’s the way of the Royalty Hero!.

Get Access to the Most Comprehensive, PROVEN Self-Publishing Course in the World

What to Expect

This course is comprehensive and based on real-life experience; not theory. Sean will cover the correct processes, strategies and tools to build a foundation for ‘massive’ action. Principles taught are not exclusive to publishing and can be applied to build other successful businesses.

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Why Royalty Hero & Why Now

Tap into the booming self-publishing market with proven, step-by-step program that taught countless beginners how to research proven book topic that sells, produce a high quality work, and launch it to success on Amazon. It takes work, time, and determination, but if you're willing to work hard, the results can be rewarding. And we are here to help you every step of the way.

My Results

 Results aren't typical. Your results will vary depending on various factors including your effort and level of commitment. We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

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