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A self-publishing millionaire, by age 26, wants to teach you exactly how to go from beginner to the TOP 0.1% of all publishers… and generate semi-passive, long-term income.  

No fluff. No theory. Just a precise success formula.

What is 

Royalty Hero

It’s a step-by-step success formula, taught by Sean Dollwet. Sean teaches entrepreneurs the same ‘book stacking’ business model he used to attain millionaire status in the explosive self-publishing industry. It’s for people, who are ready for a transformational change in their lives.


Millionaire Mentoring

The course is taught by Sean Dollwet, a self-publishing millionaire by age 26. Get personal access to Sean and his team. Monthly Q&A calls, recordings, livestreams and 24/7 support. Get answers to your questions and expert direction

Tools & Templates

Get DFY templates, contracts, emails, and 150 profitable niches and cheat sheets. Get access to a vetted list of ghostwriters, cover designers, and formatting specialists. And get the Amazon ads masterclass. 

Facebook Mastermind Group

Join like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world, with winning attitudes. You’ll make friends, share ideas, ask questions, and inspire each other. Learn directly from 5 and 6-figure publishers.

Lifetime Updates

You’ll get live updates as the Amazon landscape changes (which is often). Because we’re in the trenches, building our own publishing business, we’ll know when we need to update your lessons, accordingly.

What Our Members Are Saying


Results aren't typical. Your results will vary depending on various factors including your effort and level of commitment.We do not guarantee any earnings or that you will make a profit.

Get in Front of the Line and Apply for Membership in Sean's Personal Mentoring Program.


Get Access to the Most Complete and Proven Self-Publishing Success Formula Available Anywhere at Any Price

9 Weeks of Training to Go from Absolute Beginner to the Top 0.1% of All Publishers

Week 1:

Prepare for a paradigm shift taken by all 6 - 7 figure earners, who use publishing to advance their business.

Week 4: Grow
Your Fanbase

Learn how to get raving fans, who’ll devour and review your books. Build your email list of fans at little to no cost, so you can continue the conversation.

Week 7:
Beyond Amazon

Learn how to tap the profitable audiobook market. Then learn to diversify your business beyond Amazon to generate even more passive income.

Week 2: Choosing
Your Niche

Learn the ‘secret’ 3-step system to find ‘low-competitive’ niches and keywords.

Week 5: Launch
Your Best-Seller

Learn Amazon’s algorithm and the #1 book-launch strategy that will rank your book at the top… to become an Amazon best-seller.

Week 8:
Automated Systems

Learn how to automate, systematize and build a top-tier team, so you can achieve time-freedom and passive income.

Week 3: Creating Your Best-Selling Book

Learn how to create 5-Star quality books that overshadow competitors and sell for years. Also learn how to do customer research, how to find/hire ghostwriters, and book cover designers.

Week 6: Amazon Masterclass

 Learn exactly how to create, optimize, and scale ads, with a ‘secret’ ad platform you won’t find anywhere else.

Week 9: Scaling to a 7-Figure Publishing Mogul

Learn strategies that took Sean from $10k/month to $35k/month. Next, learn his exit strategy to earn multiple 6 or even 7-figures.

The success formula that keeps on giving!


Inner Circle Facebook Mastermind

Expert Mentorship On-Demand

A Giant List of 150 Profitable Niches

DFY Templates, Emails, and Cheatsheets

Insider Access to Top-Tier Team

Low Content Accelerator

Amazon Ads Masterclass

ACX Creation for International Students

Lifetime Updates

A Millionaire Mentor That Actually Walks The Talk

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